Sunday, December 21, 2008

Comfort or immortal

What to pursue? That is the debate raging in my mind.  Some great ones might pursue both at the same with ease.  I can barely do one.  At the end of the day, it is a tug of war that tears me a part.  I might accomplish none.  When I read Yu Kwang-Zhong, listen to Yo-yo Ma, play Bach cello pieces, I felt so connected with the eternity and lasting beauty that I am overjoyed.  I can pursue, probably not achieve, some kind of greatness.  The sacrifice might be the time spend with Yuan and Fang, the upkeep of the big old red barn, the heavy mortgages that due every first day of the month.  Looking at a few shining new cars, they are tempting, yet I know the moment I were to acquire the impressive Porsche GT, the thrill will be most gone.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Leadership and competitive advantage

When Alexdender was fighting the greek with 10 times of many fighters.  They evaluated their situation, and it looked greem.  "We have less people but each one of us is stronger, the harsh weather is punishing everyone but we can brave it better, " Alexdender said, "but I am absolutely sure we will win, because I am leading!"

That is the leadership confidence and leadership difference.  If a person does not believe the leadership has an impact, that person will not in the leadership position at all.

I have been listening to a few different books why jogging, which I try to do more in light of not able to swim much at all this semester.  I repeat the reading as much as I can.  At the end of each run, I felt both my phyisical and mental conditions is exercised and felt great.

Talked to a friend over Chrismas party, setting as -10% trigger of stock sell might be something I should try.  Since the worse in a game is that one lost everything.

Being looking at so called 3X ETF (and -3X) , it is really a gamble!   

Living the dreams

I used to just nod politely saying "just fine", when people ask me "how are you doing?".  I decided to change that. ...