Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I might be crazy.  I have to believe that there are people thrive on craziness.

Biked in to campus, it is quiet.  Today is the day before Thanksgiving, most people take today off since there is not classes.

Good time to spend 10 min on reflection:

Direct a school with a thousand students and thirty faculty and staff
Sit on four boards of corporations
Fund raising for a 40 million dollar school building
Working on three startups - Zuess, Zeaqua, CalGE and Longtails (did I say three)
Direct the institute for innovation
Teach six courses per year
Launch the largest CS degree program online in California
Working on two books - grow innovators / invincible company
Prepare talks to Global Trade Conference, Hanhai Startup University, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Manage my investment portfolio of real estate and stocks



I work 12-14 hours a day mostly, Sometimes 16.

Income might just reached top 1%, but workload is absolutely top 0.1%.  I am way underpaid.

People call me crazy, I shrug it off.

But when my mom call me crazy, I might have to step back and think about it.

Call me crazy.

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