Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There must be a truth

I cannot help but believe that there is a truth, somewhere, somehow, as an eternal reality, a Platonic ideal form, a devine model.  From it, infinitely intricate variations can be generated, each resonating with the essential spirit of the truth.

I cannot help but believe that there is a devine mandate on me, someday, somewhere it will be clearly revealed. At that time I will be completely clear that all the struggle, tears, laughter, triumph and dispair  are part of the holly plan to support and shape me for that mission.

- reading "Writer's Journey" by Vogler

Monday, November 12, 2012

Need a new team to start disruptive innovation

Following along the innovators delimma.   Another set of prove that a new,  independent organization is needed , away from the existing company,  to be successful in starting disruptive innovation.  Seagate,  Kmart, IBM all prove the case.

Back to my industry,  a new organization might be needed to launch completely online program.  even a new private university,  or charter university, might be needed to start the complete online GE package.

Most major will be glad to accept the GE since it is messy and labor intrusive.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Innovating the next higher learning

The is the topic that I will present as the keynote at defense language institute Dec 26.

I have to remember that people really don't want to be there.  So Id better tell insightful and interesting story plus a few jokes to engage them and convey my message.


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