Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Late night in my study

Just finished the monumental landscaping of the back yard of the Carmel house. Part of the effort is to install slate flooring in my study room and give its walls a new coast of paint. It is almost done also. Now I can walk to the study from the terrace stairs instead of exiting the front door and walking around the house via the long and dark pathway.

It is rather indulgent to have such a space, four French windows open to the backyard, high-end stereo system, real stone floor imported from afar, large desk with great computer screens. I do enjoy the time spent here by myself. Many times I stay till the wee hours of the night without knowing it. Listening to cello music by yo-yo Ma and Dvorak, reading news and articles, a glass of red wine to my right, it is such a treat. However, many times I also question the productivity of myself while in this room. And often I felt somewhat guilty; there are millions of families in the world that don’t even have the size of space for the entire family. Many of them work harder, longer hours and perhaps more talented than I am. That said, I am glad that I am lucky enough to enjoy this peace, quiet corner of the world. I just hope my contribution back to the world worth the generosity I have received.

Living the dreams

I used to just nod politely saying "just fine", when people ask me "how are you doing?".  I decided to change that. ...