Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Challenges and Eternal Optimism

Troubles everywhere. Bought a Seaside property at low price but condition is bad.  New roof, stove, windows.  Stock dropped significant because of Europe debt crisis, venture is over budget and running short of cash reserve. Key employee is demanding higher salary. New master program at Monterey Bay is about to start but no funding or support from the state government.  Collaboration with China is promising but still facing storming water.  Young brother is moving to Silicon Valley.  To do list growing fast...

But maybe because the cold crisp air, or the new leather jacket, or precisely because of all the challenges, I felt energized and in high spirit today.

The eternal optimism is a blessing and a curse.  It is contagious, it boost the morale of the people around me.  It turns the impossibles to possibles.  It makes me exhausted often but waking up every morning asking for more.

Move forward and seize the day.  Since not many have left, might as well make it exiting!

Living the dreams

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