Sunday, January 29, 2017

Brand new year and crumbling body

It is the Chinese new year.  Many fun things - party at Kryztof's place and plenty of great wine, Startup weekend is very successful - several Cannabis businesses and office sharing (akin to AirBnB) are promising, play many hours of tennis - which bring me a lot of enjoyment and sorrow.

My body is falling apart, especially the right knee - which is shattered in 1997 a bad ski jump, and my right shoulder, which is badly hurt in 1992, in a chilly morning that I practice too many tennis serve.  Or both were already damaged when I had the motorcycle accident in Taipei in 1984.  I asked the doctors many times, but there is no solution.  Even a knee replacement is not a good option.

I can barely raise my right arm now, my serves are weak, while I can still win matches, it is all with careful placement instead of power.  Very sad.

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