Monday, November 14, 2016

Time is brutal - the only minor remedy is memory

It all passed on.  The busy days, the relaxing days, triumphant ones, defeated ones.
The veteran's day weekend. Very relax but also cause a sense of unfulfilling.
The 2016 election of Trump is a hot topic around the world.  Spent Friday just reading and viewing news and analysis from the US and from Taiwan and China.  Not much is done but the mood is not peaceful.

People demand changes, that is the nature of human being.  That spur the first group of modern human stepped out of Africa thousands of years ago, it also made Trump and Tsai the president.  Even they are doing OK, the instinct tells them "out of Africa", give it a try, something different might be better.

Doing mundane things mostly - Tennis with Lian Pine in High meadow on Friday, practice what is very important in volley but never have a good habit - split steps and step into the shot, still need to practice since I can't single tennis much because of the right knee hurt after an hour.

Bought a foam based matress for DD on Friday afternoon.  I am surprised that foam based ones are now very prevalent.  It's a good idea, it is much lighter, compact and probably more environment-friendly.

Saturday was a bit more interesting.  Met Susu and Ni Zhang to discuss business connecting Chinese investment in Silicon Valley.  Both of them are sharp, maybe good partners in the future.  Went to meet with Stanford professor Edison Tse, who run Chinese executive development for the school of management and engineering.  Who is somewhat famous in China because of a few books on "Eastern Style" innovation.

Writing books about innovation might be something that I have to soon.

Watched "Midnight Diner", a lovely show about love and hope in a tiny Japanese late night diner. Very sweet.

I have decided a few year back that Sunday should be blank and reserved for the kids, but they rarely want to go out with me since their teen age years.  Did not do much in the Sunday afternoon, as planned, but that emptiness made me anxious.  Sigh.

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